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Are you a Recruitment PARTNER or SUPPLIER Article

Are you a Recruitment PARTNER or SUPPLIER?

by Audrey Thompson

Let's say there is a major company that is well known for their brand of products, has just selected one of their products for investment. They are need of an advertising campaign targeted to this product that will communicate the main message that will deliver the key brand benefit (KBB).

Reference Checks in Sales Hiring Article

Reference Checks in Sales Hiring

by Audrey Thompson

Today, when Sales Headhunter is considering a candidate for one of their clients, they must take every precaution possible to make certain they are referring a person that not only meets the requirements of the client, but that they would hire themselves. This requires checking the candidate out as much as possible, and with today's tools that are available, Sales Hiring reference checks can be very intense and thorough.

Inside Sales Recruiting Article

Inside Sales Recruiting

by Audrey Thompson

For a business to grow, they must have a sales and those happen with sales people and that usually starts from inside selling. However attracting and landing those people isn't easy. Inside sales recruiting experts say that over 50% of those recruited for sales don't work out. With that math, you have a fifty-fifty chance of hiring the right one, or, hiring the wrong one. Hiring is not cheap and when it's for a sales position, it is even more expensive.

How Sales HeadHunters Use LinkedIn Article

How Sales HeadHunters Use LinkedIn

by Audrey Thompson

The days of emailing, faxing or postal mailing your resume, getting an interview and nailing a job are long gone. Because so many companies have had to cut back on staffing, duties are doubled up on those left and when the company is hiring again, hiring managers are swamped.

8 Reasons To Use Recruiters For Sales Hiring Article

8 Reasons To Use Recruiters For Sales Hiring

by Audrey Thompson

With the competitive job market today, employers have a lot of prospective candidates to choose from. For the job seeker, you need to do everything you can to stand out and be noticed over all the other candidates, but it can be challenging. Today it can be helpful to get some outside help, such as when your experience is sales, it can be to your advantage to work with Sales Recruiters.


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